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No. 1 Guide to Google Domains Registrar

Google domains are one of the best services you can find on the internet. It is a domain registration service launched by Google in January 2015. Google domain registrar helps register your domain name, but unlike many other popular domain registrars, it does not offer any type of hosting.

This means you will have to purchase hosting separately when using the Google domain registrar. Through google domains, you can easily connect to other Google services like G-suite and Google Search Console, among others. In addition to that, you can also access Google Domains by using the same Google account you use for other services.

Benefits of Registering with Google Domains

Well-designed, Familiar Interface, and Single Sign-On.

Google domains are not different from any other Google service since it uses your existing Google user account and its dashboard styling fits the google aesthetic.

The good thing about that is you don’t have to create a new account because you already have a google account. All you need to do is secure your account with a strong password and two-factor authentication because this creates a single point of failure.

It is also easy to pick up the interface really quickly because it feels similar to existing tools you might be using like Google Analytics.

Competitive, Transparent Pricing

Google Domain registrar is not one of the most affordable options but it offers the most transparent pricing. It is however affordable than many popular domain extensions. Many domain registrars are never transparent with their pricing since they give big first-year discounts and raise the price when you renew.

Google Domain registrar lets you know the exact cost of the domain name now and in the future. The price you pay to register your domain name is the same price you will pay during renewal. Google domains registrar is always a flat $12 whether registering a domain name or making a renewal.

Free Privacy Protection

When registering your domain name, you have to provide your personal information such as your address and phone number. Normally all this information is publicly available in the Whois registry, which exposes you to spam or other malicious activity.

Google Domains includes privacy protection for free as part of your purchase. Privacy protection hides your information behind generic privacy information. With Google Domains Registrar, you get to save some money since many domain registrars charge about $10 per year for privacy protection.

Google-Powered DNS Servers

DNS is the short form for Domain Name System and is commonly known as the internet’s phonebook. DNS is what connects your domain name to your web server and every domain registrar has their own DNS service as do many hosts.

However, all DNS are not created equally and the DNS you use has an effect on your page load times. The best of Google domain registrar is that you get to use Google’s Cloud DNS which is backed up by Google’s infrastructure. And therefore you get premium-level speeds at no extra cost at all.

Two-Step Authentication to Protect Your Account

Protecting your account at your domain registrar is important to prevent malicious actors from touching your domain names. Google domain registrar makes that easy since you can access all the Google 2-Step Verification options.

Email Forwarding

With Google domain registrar, you can use your own custom email address such as [email protected], since the domain registrar lets you create up to 100 email aliases that you can deliver to your existing email accounts such as Gmail.

It is also easy to hook Google Domains up to Google workspace for email hosting but you will have to pay an extra fee for Google Workspace.

Automatic Verification with Other Google Products.

At some point, you will need to verify your website with some Google Products, such as your site with Google Search Console. Registering your domain with Google Domains registrar allows you to have your domain automatically verified by Google with properties like Google App Engine and Cloud Run, saving you some time and effort.

Domain Registration on Google Domains

The Basics of Domain Registration

A domain registrar company does domain registrations. These companies sell domain names that are not yet owned and are, therefore, available for registration. You can register a domain through Google Domains Registrar and get hosting through google domain partners.

When you purchase a domain while signing up for Google Workspace, a Gmail for the domain is automatically activated, and custom web addresses are created for you. Signing up with a domain name you own requires you to do these things yourself by changing DNS records at your domain host.

Steps to Registering a Domain with Google Domains

1). Choose Your Domain

To get started search for Google Domains on your browser or click this link and search for the domain that you want to purchase.

Google Domains Registrar

Google will show you all the available domain extensions. If the domain name of your choice is available, you will see a green checkmark next to it. If you are satisfied with the domain name, click the shopping cart icon to add it to your cart.

If the domain name of your choice is not available you will have to use a different domain name or pick a different domain extension.

2). Check Out and Purchase Your Domain Name

After adding your domain name to your cart, open your cart to check out. Google Domains will display a summary of your cart with two options which are enabled automatically but you can make any change if you want. 

Google Domains Registrar

The two options include privacy protection and auto-renew. As mentioned earlier, Google Domains Registrar privacy protection comes as a free service that keeps your personal information private. it is recommended to leave it on.

Auto-renew on the other hand ensures you don’t accidentally forget to renew and lose your domain. If you have long-term plans for your domain name, it is recommended to leave it on.

After deciding on the two options, click the checkout button. You will need to enter your contact information but remember that your information is private as long as you left the privacy protection feature enabled.

The last step is to enter your payment information to finish your purchase.

3). Point Your Domain to Your Host

After finalizing your purchase, your domain dashboard will be opened. You can go to the DNS tab and change your nameservers to that of your host and also add resource records to your Google nameservers.

Google Domains Registrar

4). Set Up Email Forwarding (Optional)

If you prefer using email forwarding through google Domains Registrar than setting up email through your host or a service like Google Workspace, go to the Email tab on your dashboard and click Add emails alias.

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Domain Services

Domain Hosting Services

One-Click DNSSEC

This service makes it easier to protect your Domains from DNS threats like cache poison attacks and DNS spoofing

Cloud DNS built-in

Google Domain Registrar includes Cloud DNS support, which scales to meet your website’s traffic demands and provides super-fast DNS resolution at no extra cost.

Privacy protection included

Google domains registrar covers the cost of having your contact information private on WHOIS and RDAP to prevent spam.

Domain sharing

Google domain registrar allows clients or coworkers to manage a domain alongside you.

Fast multi-domain registration

It offers a streamlined purchase experience making it even easier to register multiple domains at once.

DNS Export

DNS Export service lets you download your DNS records to standard formats like BIND or YAML for easy migrations and upload to other DNS servers.

Other Domain-Related Services

Automatic domain verification

Google Domain Registrar automatically verifies your domain with TXT records when integrating your website with other Google properties like Google Search Console, Google App Engine, and Cloud Run.

Integrated across Google products

It’s easier to add Google Workspace for your domain or create a website in Google sites.

Easy access to trusted add-ons and services

Google domains integrations make it easier to connect your domain with trusted partners like Shopify, Squarespace, Wix, Bluehost, and Weebly.

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Security and Support

Security and Privacy Features

Free privacy protection and one-click DNSSEC

When you register your domain with Google Domains Registrar, the domain registrar covers the cost of keeping your domain registration details private on WHOIS and RDAP registries. One-click DNSSEC makes it easier to protect all of your domains from DNS threats.

Support and Troubleshooting Resources

Google Domains Registrar offers fast, friendly, and helpful 24/7 support to all its users. It also offers email support, a help center, and a frequently asked questions page with many resources to help anyone before they need to call or send an email.


Google domain registrar offers the primary features that you need from a domain registrar which include registering your domain name in an easy-to-use format and transparent pricing. If you only need the basic for your domain, then Google Domains is a good fit.

Google Domains Registrar stands out due to its fast DNS servers powered by the Google Cloud Platform, DNSSEC support, 2-Step Verification, and reliable 24/7 customer support. Not forgetting its email forwarding feature that allocates up to 100 email aliases.

Google Domain Registrar is one of the best places to register a domain name. It has an excellent pricing structure and a user-friendly interface, and it also offers free additional features to make sure its users feel secure when choosing the domain name of their choice.

Since Google Domains is a byproduct of Google, you can be sure to get the fastest and most professional service in the industry. Within the eight years since its launch, Google Domains has become one of the most reliable and secure domain registrars on the market today.

Despite its unique features, it’s not easy for it to dominate the market anytime soon since it’s not available worldwide.

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