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Black Owned Businesses in Fort Worth You Should Know

Fort Worth is home to a diverse range of businesses, and among them are several black-owned businesses that contribute to the city’s vibrant culture and economy. These businesses offer a variety of products and services, from gourmet donuts to personal consulting. In this blog post, we will highlight some of the black-owned businesses in Fort Worth and discuss what they do in detail.

Black Owned Businesses in Fort Worth

Dough Boy Donuts

Black Owned Businesses in Fort Worth

Dough Boy Donuts, owned by Melvin Roberson, is the first gourmet donut truck in Fort Worth and all of Texas.

Located at 4910 Camp Bowie Blvd, the business offers a unique selection of donuts, including the popular Bam Bam (cream cheese glaze topped with Fruity Pebbles cereal).

Dough Boy Donuts is open Thursday through Sunday from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.

You can contact them at (682) 841-7797.

Franklin & Anthony

Franklin & Anthony

Franklin & Anthony, owned by Franklin Moss, Jr., is a personal consulting and social influencer business.

Located at 2800 Yeager Street, the business offers by-appointment/consultation services.

Franklin Moss, Jr. turned his love of fashion and style into a successful business, helping clients elevate their personal style and image.

You can contact Franklin & Anthony at (817) 874-1604.

Other Black-Owned Businesses in Fort Worth

While we cannot cover all the black-owned businesses in Fort Worth in this post, it is essential to recognize the importance of supporting local entrepreneurs and their businesses. By choosing to shop at black-owned businesses, you contribute to the growth and success of the local economy and help create a more diverse and inclusive community.

BigBoyz Pit Smoked

BigBoyz Pit Smoked

Big Boyz Pit Smoked is a popular BBQ spot located at 6513 Brentwood Stair Road in Fort Worth.

They offer a variety of smoked BBQ dishes and more. You can order their delicious food for delivery online through UberEats.

The restaurant is known for its flavorful smoked BBQ and is a well-liked establishment in the area, with a 4-star rating on Yelp.

For more information and to view their menu, you can visit their official website or browse their menu on SinglePlatform.

Austin Company Commercial Real Estate

Austin Company Commercial Real Estate

Austin Company Commercial Real Estate is a well-established commercial real estate firm in Fort Worth, Texas.

Founded by “Jim” in 1981, the company has been serving the Fort Worth-Dallas area for over four decades.

They offer a full range of services to commercial real estate owners, users, and investors, including Agency Leasing, Asset Services, Occupier Solutions, Capital Markets and Research, and development and investment management capabilities through Transwestern’s integrated platform.

Austin Company Commercial Real Estate specializes in various property types, such as office, industrial, retail, multifamily, and healthcare.

Their expertise spans across these sectors, allowing them to provide creative and effective solutions for their clients.

Austin Company Commercial Real Estate is located at 7800 South Freeway in Fort Worth, Texas.

You can contact them at 817-923-9305 for more information about their services and listings.

Carpenter’s Cafe and Catering

Carpenter's Cafe and Catering

Carpenter’s Cafe & Catering is a family-owned business located at 1116 Pennsylvania Ave, Fort Worth, Texas.

The cafe and catering service offer a variety of food options and catering services.

The business was established in 2020, just before the COVID-19 pandemic, and has since become a popular spot in the community.

Their mission is to nourish the bodies and souls of the community by providing good food made from quality, fresh ingredients, cooked with love, and served with joy.

The cafe’s catering services are highly regarded, and they strive to provide the best service at a competitive price.

They offer a range of catering options and also have a mobile bistro available for bookings.

To inquire about their catering services or make a booking, individuals can visit their website and fill out a catering request form.

Additionally, they can be contacted via phone at (682) 499-8630 or by email at [email protected].

Carpenter’s Cafe & Catering is known for its community involvement and commitment to providing quality food and service.

The business has received positive reviews for its friendly staff and great food, making it a popular choice for both dining and catering needs.

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Black Coffee

Black Owned Businesses in Fort Worth

Black Coffee is a cafe located at 1417 Vaughn Boulevard in Fort Worth, Texas.

The cafe offers a variety of coffee and food options, with carry-out or dine-in available every day from 8 AM to 4 PM.

They specialize in infusing global flavors into their craft beverages.

Some key features of Black Coffee include:

  • Carry-out or Dine-in: Customers can choose to enjoy their coffee and food at the cafe or take it to-go.
  • Global Flavors: Black Coffee specializes in blending global flavors into their craft beverages, offering a unique and diverse taste experience.
  • Location: The cafe is located at 1417 Vaughn Boulevard in Fort Worth, Texas.

For more information about Black Coffee, you can visit their website at

Adair Eyewear

Black Owned Businesses in Fort Worth

Adair Eyewear is a luxury eyewear boutique located at 3550 W 7th Street in Fort Worth, Texas.

They offer a wide selection of designer eyewear, including prescription glasses, sunglasses, and contact lenses.

Adair Eyewear is known for its exceptional customer service and personalized attention to each customer’s needs.

While there are several innovative adaptive eyewear technologies available, Adair Eyewear does not specialize in adaptive eyewear.

Instead, they focus on providing high-quality designer eyewear and personalized service to their customers.

Some of the designer brands they carry include Tom Ford, Gucci, and Ray-Ban.

For more information about Adair Eyewear and their selection of designer eyewear, you can visit their website at or contact them at (817) 924-2020.

Ageless Perfection Skincare Studio

Ageless Perfection Skincare Studio

Ageless Perfection Skin Care Studio is a skincare clinic located in Fort Worth, Texas, that provides a range of skin care services.

The studio offers facials, waxing, microdermabrasion, body treatments, peels, and non-surgical facelifts, using natural (fruit and plant-based) products tailored to all skin types and ethnicities.

The clinic is dedicated to providing results-driven skin care therapy and has been in the industry since 2009.

For appointments and further information, individuals can contact them at (817) 888-5247 or visit their website at

Final Thoughts

Fort Worth is home to a variety of black-owned businesses that offer unique products and services.

From gourmet donuts to personal consulting, these businesses contribute to the city’s vibrant culture and economy.

By supporting these businesses, you help create a more diverse and inclusive community.

So, the next time you’re looking for a new donut shop or personal stylist, consider visiting one of Fort Worth’s black-owned businesses.

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