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A Guide to Cheap GPU Hosting: #5 Best Providers

Now more than ever, the demand for computational power continues to surge. Whether you’re into complex 3D rendering, video editing, deep learning, scientific simulations, or simply want cutting-edge gaming performance, having access to a powerful Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) has become a necessity. But what if you don’t want to invest in expensive hardware? Here’s where cheap GPU hosting steps into the limelight.

What is GPU Hosting?

GPU hosting is a type of cloud computing service that offers remote access to dedicated or shared servers equipped with high-performance GPUs.

These servers are housed in specialized data centers, taking the burden of hardware purchases, setup, and maintenance off your shoulders. You essentially “rent” computational power on a flexible subscription basis.

Why Consider Cheap GPU Hosting?

  • Cost-Effectiveness: Perhaps the most significant advantage of cheap GPU hosting is minimizing upfront costs compared to building your own GPU-powered rig. You pay for what you use with convenient, often hourly billing models.
  • Scalability: Need more GPU muscle? Most providers allow seamless upgrades, letting your resources grow with your project’s demands.
  • Convenience: Get your GPU-powered workstation running without grappling with complex hardware configurations or compatibility issues.
  • Accessibility: Access your powerful remote setup from anywhere with a decent internet connection.

Use Cases for Cheap GPU Hosting

  1. Machine Learning and Deep Learning: Training complex AI models demands immense processing power. Cheap GPU hosting makes the process faster and affordable for developers.
  2. 3D Rendering and Animation: Reduce production times by offloading rendering workloads to dedicated GPUs in the cloud.
  3. Scientific Computing: Whether it’s fluid dynamics, molecular simulations, or weather modeling, cheap GPU hosting offers the computational resources needed for these complex computations.
  4. Video Encoding and Editing: Edit high-resolution videos, apply special effects, and encode at lightning speed with GPU-accelerated cloud instances.
  5. Cloud Gaming: Some providers offer cheap GPU hosting tailored for cloud gaming, letting you stream demanding titles on less powerful devices.

How to Choose a Cheap GPU Hosting Provider

  1. GPU Specifications: Look for providers offering the modern NVIDIA GPUs tailored to your specific needs (e.g., the RTX A series for 3D work, NVIDIA Tesla for AI).
  2. Pricing Models: Compare the offered plans: hourly, monthly, or even long-term commitments. Watch out for hidden costs like bandwidth charges or storage fees.
  3. Location: Servers located closer to your physical location will reduce latency and offer a smoother experience.
  4. Support: Reliable 24/7 customer support is crucial if you run into any issues, especially if you’re new to cloud computing.
  5. Additional Features: Some cheap GPU hosting providers offer value-adds like pre-installed software stacks, flexible configuration options, and easy-to-use control panels.

Top Cheap GPU Hosting Providers


Cheap GPU Hosting

Known for competitive pricing on powerful last-generation GPU servers, catering mainly to machine learning and data science.

Price/month: From 85 pounds a month

Focus: Older generation but powerful GPUs for machine learning/deep learning at low costs.
Pros: Excellent price-to-performance ratio, flexible hourly billing, multiple data center locations.
Cons: Limited GPU options compared to some larger providers, website/interface can be slightly less polished.

Cheap GPU Hosting

This platform provides a marketplace approach, allowing users to find and rent powerful GPU servers from individuals or businesses.

Price/month: customizable.

  • Focus: Marketplace model where users rent GPUs from individuals or businesses.
  • Pros: Can uncover incredible deals, potential access to unique or rare GPUs, very easy to get started.
  • Cons: Availability of instances can fluctuate, support may be less comprehensive than dedicated providers.



Offers high-performance “bare metal” instances with NVIDIA A100s, suitable for demanding workloads.

  • Focus: High-performance bare-metal GPU instances, primarily with NVIDIA A100s.
  • Pros: Powerful hardware for demanding tasks, no complex software pre-installed (good for experienced users wanting full control).
  • Cons: Less beginner-friendly, pricing can be higher than those utilizing older GPU models.



Their Gradient platform focuses on user-friendliness and pre-configured environments for machine learning development.

Price/month: from $8, but they have a free plan.

  • Focus: Ease of use with Gradient platform, geared towards machine learning development.
  • Pros: Pre-installed software stacks, intuitive interface, decent free tier for experimentation.
  • Cons: Costs can add up for heavier usage, focus primarily on machine learning.

Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

GCP boasts a wide range of GPU options, including the cutting-edge NVIDIA A100 Tensor Core GPUs, along with flexible pricing models.

Price/month: from $102.2 per NVIDIA RTX virtual workstations (formerly known as NVIDIA GRID) GPU models.

  • Focus: Massive scalability, flexibility, and a wide range of GPUs (including cutting-edge options).
  • Pros: Backed by Google’s infrastructure, pay-as-you-go pricing, integration with other Google Cloud services.
  • Cons: Interface can be complex for newcomers, requires an understanding of cloud concepts for cost optimization.

Important Considerations

  • Understand Your Needs: Before hunting for cheap GPU hosting, assess your workload to determine the necessary GPU power. Overpaying for resources you don’t utilize is counterproductive.
  • Network Bandwidth: High-speed network connectivity is critical to transfer data smoothly between your local machine and the remote server.
  • Security: Choose a reputable provider that prioritizes data security to protect your valuable work.

The Future of GPU Hosting

With the rise of cloud computing and advancing GPU technology, cheap GPU hosting solutions are set to become even more accessible and powerful, empowering individuals and businesses to tackle increasingly ambitious computational projects.

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