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How to Get and Use a Domain for Your Minecraft Server

Are you ready to take your Minecraft server to the next level? One way to make it easier for players to connect and give your server a professional touch is by using a custom domain name.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps of purchasing and using a domain for your Minecraft server, along with some tips and benefits to consider.

Research Domain Registrars

Before you dive into the world of domains, it’s important to find a reputable domain registrar to purchase your domain from. Here are a few popular options to consider:

  • Truehost Cloud: One of the cheapest domain name registrars around the world. You won’t find domain deals anywhere else.
  • Namecheap: Known for its affordability and user-friendly interface, Namecheap offers a wide range of domain extensions to choose from.
  • GoDaddy: A well-established domain registrar and web hosting company, GoDaddy offers various services to make your website accessible from a domain name. They also provide a diverse selection of domain extensions.
  • Google Domains: With its simple and user-friendly interface, Google Domains is a great choice for domain registration and management. Plus, their competitive pricing makes them a popular option.
  • No-IP: If you’re looking for dynamic DNS services, No-IP allows you to use a custom domain name for your Minecraft server. They offer affordable pricing and an easy-to-use interface.
  • Apex Hosting: Known for its Minecraft hosting services, Apex Hosting also offers domain registration. They provide a variety of domain extensions and competitive pricing.

Choose a Memorable Domain Name

Now that you’ve selected a domain registrar, it’s time to choose a domain name that will resonate with your players. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Keep it Short and Sweet: Opt for a concise domain name that’s easy to remember and type. Shorter names tend to stick in players’ minds better.
  2. Stay Relevant: Select a domain name that ties into your Minecraft server’s theme or name. This not only makes your server more memorable but also helps players find it easily.
  3. Avoid Numbers and Hyphens: Numbers and hyphens can complicate domain names. Stick to letters to make your domain easier to remember and type.
  4. Consider Subdomains: If you already have a website, consider using a subdomain like “” This approach simplifies the domain and makes it more intuitive for players.
  5. Check Availability: Before you become too attached to a domain name, make sure it’s available for registration. Use your chosen domain registrar’s search function to confirm its availability.

Domain Ideas for a Minecraft Server

To make it even better, here are 10 creative domain name ideas that could work well for your Minecraft server:

  1. A domain that speaks of a vast and expansive world within your server, inviting players to join your empire of creativity.
  2. A whimsical blend of “mine,” “quest,” and “universe,” promising exciting adventures and quests for players to embark upon.
  3. This domain hints at a hub of pixelated crafting adventures, perfect for a server with a focus on intricate builds and artistic creations.
  4. Get ready for epic quests and thrilling ventures with this domain that promises grand adventures within your server.
  5. If your server specializes in the popular SkyBlock game mode, this domain will attract players ready to become legends in the sky.
  6. For a server where players can build majestic castles and realms, this domain sets the tone for a medieval-inspired experience.
  7. A domain that suggests a network of pixelated worlds and limitless possibilities for players to explore and build within.
  8. Combining “craft” and “utopia,” this domain name hints at a paradise of crafting and creativity for players to enjoy.
  9. Create an air of mystery and enchantment with this domain, promising players a journey through mystical lands within your server.
  10. This domain sets the stage for a server filled with enchanting experiences, magical realms, and wondrous discoveries.

Again, remember to ensure that the domain you choose is available for registration.

Purchase and Configure Your Domain

With your perfect domain name in mind, it’s time to make it official. Follow these steps:

  1. Purchase the Domain: Once you find an available domain, proceed to purchase it through your chosen domain registrar’s website. Follow their instructions, provide contact information, and complete the payment process.
  2. Configure DNS Settings: After acquiring the domain, you’ll need to configure its DNS settings. This step involves creating an A record that associates the domain with your Minecraft server’s IP address.
  3. Set Up Subdomains (Optional): If you wish to create subdomains for specific features or game modes, you can set them up by creating additional DNS records like CNAME or SRV records.
  4. Test and Propagate: Once you’ve configured the DNS settings, test the domain by entering it in a web browser or connecting to your Minecraft server using the domain name. Keep in mind that it might take a bit for changes to propagate across the internet.

Benefits of Using a Custom Domain

Now that your custom domain is up and running, let’s explore the advantages it brings:

  1. Smoother Player Connections: Instead of remembering complex IP addresses, players can now connect to your Minecraft server using a memorable and user-friendly domain name.
  2. Stronger Brand Identity: Your custom domain can help establish a brand identity for your server. By aligning your domain name with your server’s theme or name, you create recognition and make it easier for players to find you.
  3. Total Control: Running your own Minecraft server means having complete control over the game environment. From the world they explore to the game modes they experience, it’s all in your hands.
  4. Enhanced Site Speed and Security: With a dedicated IP address, you’ll enjoy improved site speed and heightened security. This dedicated connection ensures your server isn’t affected by other websites sharing the same IP.

Point Your Domain to Your Minecraft Server

To make your domain functional, you need to link it to your Minecraft server using SRV and A records. The steps might vary based on your domain registrar, but here’s a general outline:

  1. Access DNS Settings: Log in to your domain registrar’s website and navigate to your domain’s DNS settings.
  2. Create A Record: Set up an A record that points to your server’s IP address. Use a name like “mc” or “play,” and input your server’s IP address as the value.
  3. Set Up SRV Record: Create an SRV record that points to your A record. The SRV record should have a name like “_minecraft._tcp” and use your A record’s name and port number as the value. Priority and weight can remain at default values.
  4. Save Changes: Save your changes and give them up to 24 hours to propagate across the web.

For detailed instructions, domain registrars like Namecheap and Dynadot offer specific guides on creating SRV and A records for Minecraft servers. Visit their websites for step-by-step guidance.

What’s the Cost?

The cost of a domain for your Minecraft server varies based on factors like domain registrar and extension.

Shared hosting packages can start as low as $2 per month, while more powerful dedicated servers can reach up to $50 or more monthly.

For dynamic DNS services from No-IP, prices start at $1.99 per month for 1 hostname.

Resellers like GoDaddy, Google, and Namecheap also offer unique domains for purchase. Keep in mind that prices can fluctuate, so visiting different registrars and comparing their offerings is advisable.


Getting and using a domain for your Minecraft server is a fantastic way to enhance player experiences and create a recognizable brand.

If you follow the steps mentioned beforehand, your server will have a polished and professional appearance.

Enjoy the benefits of a memorable domain, better player connections, and the satisfaction of complete control over your Minecraft universe!


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