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Minecraft Servers in Poland: Providers + Costs

Minecraft servers in Poland have gained popularity as a fun and engaging way for players to connect and interact with each other. 

These servers offer a variety of game modes, such as Factions, Creative, and Survival Games, providing a diverse range of experiences for players to enjoy. 

The Polish government even launched a public Minecraft server called Grarantanna, which was part of a learning hub that aimed to keep students engaged and entertained during times of social distancing. 

With the help of organizations like the Neverlight Association, these servers have become a popular destination for players in Poland and beyond.

The Minecraft Craze in Poland

The Minecraft craze in Poland has seen significant growth in recent years, with a large and active player base. 

According to Minecraft Statistics, as of January 2023, the game has recorded 173.5 million players globally.

Poland is among the top countries with a substantial number of daily active players. 

The Polish Minecraft community has unique aspects, with a diverse demographic of players. 

The average age of a player is 24 years, and 80% of young players in Poland enjoy the game with their family members, friends, or other online players. 

The country also has top player rankings in Minecraft, with a competitive and skilled player base. 

The presence of numerous Minecraft servers in Poland, such as CraftMC.PL, Mythic Legacy, and PokeSky reflect the popularity and engagement of the Polish Minecraft community.

Types of Minecraft Servers

There are several types of Minecraft servers, each offering a unique gameplay experience. These include:

Survival: Players must gather resources, build structures, and survive against environmental challenges and threats.

Creative: In this mode, players have unlimited resources to build and create and can fly around the game world.

Hardcore: Similar to survival mode, but with the added challenge of permanent death – if a player dies, they are no longer able to respawn.

Factions: Players can join or create factions, and engage in PvP combat and base building.

Skyblock: Players start on a small island in the sky, and must expand and survive with limited resources.

The preferences of Polish players regarding server types are diverse, but survival and factions servers are particularly popular. 

According to, some of the most popular server types in Poland include CraftMC.PL, Mythic Legacy, and PokeSky offer a mix of survival, factions, and other gameplay modes. 

Additionally, Planet Minecraft lists servers such as Project Tibia 3D, WiochaMC, and PlanetCraft.PL, as popular choices in Poland, catering to different playstyles.

Notable Polish Minecraft Servers

CraftMC.PL: This server offers a wide range of gameplay modes, including survival, creative, and more. It is known for its active community and frequent events.

Mythic Legacy: This server provides a unique and immersive gameplay experience, with a focus on storytelling and roleplaying elements. It offers custom quests, dungeons, and a friendly community.

PokeSky: As the name suggests, this server is dedicated to all things Pokemon. It offers a custom Pokemon adventure mode, where players can catch, train, and battle Pokemon in a Minecraft world.

Project Tibia 3D: This server brings the classic MMORPG game Tibia into the Minecraft world, offering a 3D recreation of the Tibia universe. It features custom quests, spells, and a persistent world.

WiochaMC: This Polish server offers a variety of gameplay modes, including survival, creative, and minigames. It is known for its active community and regular events.

These servers cater to a wide range of gameplay styles and preferences, from traditional survival and creative modes to custom and immersive experiences. 

User reviews and testimonials for these servers praise their active and friendly communities, engaging gameplay, and unique features that set them apart from other servers

Polish Minecraft Server Hosting

Several companies provide Minecraft server hosting services in Poland, offering a range of plans and features to cater to different needs. 

Some of the notable companies include Hostinger, ScalaHosting, Apex Hosting, Truehost, Minecraft Hosting Pro, and The Minecraft Hosting

These companies offer services with varying server locations, performance, and pricing to accommodate the requirements of Minecraft players in Poland.

When choosing a server hosting provider, several factors should be considered. 

These include server location, performance, reliability, customer support, pricing, and available features such as mod support, DDoS protection, and server management tools. 

It’s essential to select a provider that can offer a stable and low-latency connection for players in Poland. 

Also, reliable customer support is essential to address any issues that may arise.

Challenges and Opportunities

The Minecraft server community in Poland faces various challenges and opportunities for growth and improvement. 

Some of the challenges include maintaining a stable and low-latency connection for players, ensuring server security, and standing out in a competitive market. 

Additionally, server owners may encounter difficulties in building and retaining a strong player base. That, together with managing and moderating their communities effectively.

Despite these challenges, there are several opportunities for growth and improvement in the Polish Minecraft server community. 

The increasing popularity of Minecraft in Poland presents a significant opportunity for server owners. They can attract new players and expand their communities. 

By offering unique and engaging gameplay experiences, providing reliable and responsive customer support, and implementing effective marketing strategies, server owners can differentiate themselves and attract a loyal player base.

Furthermore, the Polish government’s initiative to launch a public Minecraft server called Grarantanna highlights the potential for Minecraft servers to be used for educational and community-building purposes. 

This presents an opportunity for server owners to collaborate with educational institutions and organizations. Through that, they can create and promote educational and community-focused content on their servers.

Community and Collaboration

The sense of community among Polish Minecraft players is a testament to the game’s enduring appeal and the power of online gaming as a means of bringing people together. 

The Polish Minecraft community is diverse. It has players of all ages and backgrounds coming together to share their love for the game. 

This shared passion for Minecraft fosters a sense of camaraderie and support, as players collaborate and create lasting friendships.

Collaborative projects and events within the Polish Minecraft community include:

Grarantanna: The server offers a game jam, Minecraft sessions, online TTRPG sessions, and webinars and quizzes on Polish history and geography.

Minecraft Partner Program: This program allows passionate Minecraft creators to share their content with the global Minecraft community. 

Polish creators can participate in this program and showcase their creations on the Minecraft Marketplace. Through that, they contribute to the growth and diversity of the Polish Minecraft community.

Technological Advancements

Technological advancements in Polish Minecraft servers have led to improved gameplay experiences, enhanced graphics, and more immersive environments. 

Some unique technological trends or advancements in Polish Minecraft servers include:

Custom mods and plugins: Some servers, like CraftMC.PL, offers custom mods and plugins. They provide unique gameplay features and enhance the overall experience for players.

Advanced server software: The use of advanced server software, such as PaperMC or Spigot, has allowed servers to run smoothly and efficiently. They also have minimal lag and high performance.

Optimized server hardware: High-quality server hardware ensures low latency and smooth gameplay for players. This contributes to a better overall gaming experience.

DDoS protection: To protect servers from malicious attacks and ensure a stable gaming environment, many Polish Minecraft servers employ DDoS protection measures.

Custom world generation: Some servers, like PlanetCraft.PL, offer custom world generation, allowing players to explore unique and engaging environments.

Unveiling the Future of Minecraft Servers in Poland

Ongoing Growth and Innovation

Anticipate continuous growth and innovation in Poland’s Minecraft servers, driven by emerging trends and developments in the gaming industry.

Expanded Server Options

Expect a surge in server diversity as the popularity of Minecraft soars.

It will provide Polish players with an extensive array of gameplay modes, custom mods, and unique server experiences.

Community-Centric Focus

Forge lasting connections within the Polish Minecraft community as server owners emphasize collaborative projects, events, and activities.

That fosters a strong sense of unity among players.

Integration of Cutting-Edge Technologies

Experience an enhanced gaming journey with advancements in server software, hardware, and security measures.

These qualities focus on stable, low-latency connections and innovative gameplay features for Polish players.

Educational and Social Initiatives

Witness the evolution of Minecraft servers beyond gaming, mirroring the success of initiatives like the Polish government’s Grarantanna. 

Look forward to more servers offering educational content, community-building activities, and initiatives promoting positive social interactions among players. 

The future of Minecraft servers in Poland is not just about gaming; it’s about building a dynamic and inclusive digital community.


Step into Poland’s Minecraft universe with a thriving community and diverse servers. 

From survival to custom experiences, there’s a spot for every player. 

Join the welcoming community; explore, connect, and make lasting memories. 

Whether you’re a newcomer or a seasoned player, find your perfect server. Don’t miss out—dive into the Polish Minecraft world now! Your adventure awaits.

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